AME Month Level 17: Matsuri

Want to test the mettle of your stats? Why not visit Annie’s Training Guild? This year’s AME Month, the RPG-themed Level 17, will be holding its stats-based AME Matsuri from November 22 until November 24, 2017 at the AS-CAL walk in UP Diliman as one of the events commemorating the University of the Philippines Anime Manga Enthusiasts’ seventeenth year in existence.

Test your strength at the Arm Bar thumb and arm wrestling booth. Do you have what it takes to defeat UP AME’s fine warriors and don the champion’s belt?

Show off the accuracy of your marksmanship at the Sprites and Spirits shooting gallery and see if you are skilled enough to have the highest amount of hits in one gameplay.

Display your intellect’s mastery in the OMOIDEcks memory card game booth. Will you be able to finish the task at hand just in the nick of time?

See how far your luck can take you at the DICE-suki! dice roll booth. Prizes await those who are favored by the roleplaying game dice.

Peer into what the future hold at the fortune booth, whether it be what the lines of your palm tell you or what the cards can see through you.

And finally, our staple goldfish-scooping booth returns this year in the aptly named Fish Bait. Catch some and take them home or give them back for alternate prizes!


Come, have fun with us and visit Annie’s Training Guild this week and do some questing. Good loot will be rewarded only if you, dear adventurer, take up arms and charge into the fray!