We are Now Accepting Applicants!

During September, UP AME was able to showcase its unique offerings and attractions to freshies and feeling freshies alike via a series of org orientations. Adjusting to the current blended learning delivery mode of the university, we were able to cater to students through our OCF on-ground and online booths last Sept. 5 and Sept. 8 respectively, and during AME’s applicant’s orientation held just last Sept. 17.



Annie Mae made a special appearance at our on-ground booth, poised and elegant, in front of the stall ready to greet and welcome prospective applicants. Two members donning cosplay joined her. From 10 AM to 4PM, our booth saw a lot of traffic which included interested, potential apps such that we ran out of registration sheets before the day ended.



Just three days later, AME held a 30-minute online booth via zoom. Hosted by Cedric and Annie Mae, the booth was basically an abridged version of a typical applicant’s orientation complete with a short introduction of the org’s history, activities, events, plus a replay of a short video of the recently concluded Grand Alumni Homecoming last July 30. The last 10 minutes of the booth was allotted to answer some questions by the attendees.



Finally, the Applicant’s Orientation ran from 6:10 to 7:30 PM and once again held over at zoom. Like the online booth, the orientation was also hosted by Cedric and Annie Mae; it garnered a whopping 78 attendees at its peak. The orientation gave a more in-depth introduction of AME as an organization, its various events and activities throughout the years, the committees and their specific tasks, and what the applicants’ can expect for the upcoming application process. The latter half of the event was allotted to answer more questions from the attendees ranging from app process to AME related questions, and a “Guess the Anime Character” game.



If you missed all of these events, don’t fret! Check this post for FAQs regarding AME and its app process this semester~ 

And if you’ve made up your mind to join us, register here! 



The application process will officially start on September 26.

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