CosCram Your CosPlan

“Want to cosplay but don’t have enough time? Maybe a character to emulate but don’t know how?”
Last October 18, UP AME held CosCram: A Workshop on Cramming Cosplay Ideas with speakers Fatima Nina Lumen Dajac (Lumi Skullgurl), and Faye and Kaye Bobis from Twin Tale Cosplay.
Simply buying or renting costumes are options, but if you do want to make your own costumes, it’s recommended that you have 3 weeks to plan and execute it. Sometimes, though, because of some unforeseen circumstances, you have to plan your cosplays. So what do you do? Know and love the character you plan on cosplaying (but choose a character whose look is easy to duplicate). Know your boundaries. If worse comes to worst, you can always casual cosplay.
Budget can be a problem, but you can spend as little as possible by checking what you do have and just finding someone to borrow your materials from. If you do need to spend, go for cheap things that you can still modify, and having reusable items like wigs.
If you need to cram, start cramming 7 days before you need your costume. But cram properly. Here’s a really basic breakdown of how to cram in a week:
Day 1: Plan your look, list what you need and what you already have. Buy what you need, if you still have time.
Day 2: Even if you think your inventory is already complete, double check them. Start modifying the clothes if you still need to.
Day 3: Have an idea of the makeup look you would like to have. Familiarize yourself with your character’s mannerisms and signature poses.
Day 4: Start sewing. You can start with the main body of your costume. Add accessories if you still can. Start making your props as well, if you need them.
Day 5: Keep sewing and making your props. Remember to double check your materials too.
Day 6: Still keep sewing and making props. Fix your wig and paint what needs to be painted. Practice your makeup look too.
Day 7: Make sure everything is ready. Do last minute shopping if you still need something. Make sure you have super glue ready for the next day as well since you never know what can happen.
Not convinced that cramming can be pulled off properly? Here are some samples from our speakers:


CosCram Your CosPlan
(c) Lumi Skullgirl (Twitter: Lumi_Skullgurl; IG: lumiskullgurl; FB: LumiSkullgurl)


(c) Faye Bobis (Twitter: sofiaebby; IG: SofiaEbby; FB: scafrenlegana)


(c) Kaye Bobis (FB: evelenciaartandcosplay World Cosplay: WC No. 192245)


(c) Faye and Kaye Bobis (FB: TwinTaleCosplay)


So what are you waiting for? It’s time to cram your cosplays! (But only if you really need to.)