10 Morbid Deaths in Anime

We’ve always been scared of death… but what’s scarier than death? A morbid one of course! Since it’s the day of the dead, here’s a list of 10 morbid deaths in ANIME~
This is a very spoiler-heavy list so be warned!


“She’s my crush” – Shiki

©Daume, 2010
This is one of those “So close and yet so far” moments. Megumi is already on the edge of the village. The only thing standing between her and her dream of living in the big city is a road. But while she runs to cross the road, she flashbacks to the time when she sees Natsuno waiting for the bus. What happens? The villagers see her and she jumps over the fence only to get hit by a tractor once before she starts to beg the villagers to not kill her. Then she gets hit again by another tractor, then gets run over another. Her left arm is crushed by another tractor before another one pulls up slowly over her face. But she still doesn’t die there. She only dies when a villager finally stakes her heart.


“Half man, half—” – Attack on Titan

©Wit Studio, 2013
It’s highly questionable that people have forgotten about this cadet, but I’ll provide some background information (let’s hit it where it hurts). Marco graduated 7th best in class. He’s pretty idealistic, putting the good of the group before himself. He joins the Military Police not because he wants to be safe and privileged like how other students see the police, but because he is genuinely faithful. He was always reasonable and tried to talk people into seeing reason which was last seen when he overhears that conversation between Reiner and Bertolt where they mention that they’re titans. Later, he gets ambushed by Reiner and his gear is taken from him, leaving him for dead. Earlier in the manga, he was just seen by Jean on the street, already half eaten. But later on, his last moments are seen. Last moments, as in the minute after his gear is taken from him. Imagine: Marco crying, begging Reiner, Bertolt, and Annie if they can talk it over. He gets picked up by a titan, then gets bitten in half. That’s it.


“Handyman” – Corpse Party

©Asread, 2013
This might actually make it to the “top 10 anime betrayals” list of all time. Satoshi Mochida’s death. Just when you thought the horrors are about to end, just when you thought they’re going back, just when you thought everything was going to be alright, he didn’t make it ‘til the end. Such a kind-hearted fellow. Too kind to even forget the rules that one has to use his original piece of paper in order to return. It’s not the most physically morbid death here but it is the most mentally morbid one.


“Roses are red, Violets are Blue”- Fist of the North Star

©Toei Animation, 1984
“You are already dead” – Once you’ve heard these famous words from the master of the Hokuto Shin Ken himself, Kenshiro, then you’re in for a very painful and gruesome death. This list can easily be filled with any of Kenshiro’s kills, which usually involve exploding and/or unnerving contortions. The Hokuto Shin Ken is a style that involves striking the body’s pressure points in order to restore bodily functions… or kill someone from the inside. The most famous killing move would have to be the Hyakuretsu Ken. It looks cool and all but the cleanup must be horrible!


“Nice Boat” – School days

What do you do when your beloved Makoto leaves you for another girl after he (supposedly) puts a baby in you, kisses that girl right in front of you, blames you for ruining his life, then tells you to get an abortion? Sekai’s answer may surprise you~ She repeatedly stabbed the scumbag with a kitchen knife right in the gut and left the corpse to be discovered by the other girl, Kotonoha.


©TNK, 2007
Kotonoha will not be stopped, however! She calls Sekai  out to show her the real trophy of this domestic squabble: Makoto’s disembodied head. She calls Sekai out on her pregnancy BS by slitting the frontstabber’s neck with a saw, then digging her womb out to prove that there really was no baby after all! It all ends in a happy ending in a very nice boat.


“A barBEARic death” – Danganronpa

©Lerche, 2013
While the punishments are all brutal, they’re quiet. By quiet I mean there are no voices, no screams or even the sound of blood gushing. The first death in Danganronpa The Animation is Mukuro Ikusaba (who was then disguised as her younger twin sister, Enoshima Junko). As Monokuma explains how life in the school will be, she complains about not wanting to be part in that crap. Monokuma answers that to pass is to step over his dead body, and Ikusaba literally steps on him, completely forgetting that violent acts against the principal is not allowed. Monokuma calls on the Spear of Gungnir, multiple spikes that drive through Ikusaba’s body at different angles. Yes, you hear the spikes and the squelch of blood as the spikes drive through her and out.


“Torture the cuties” – Higurashi no naku koro ni

While ultimately being a story of friendship’s triumph against all odds, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (also called When They Cry) is much more known for its brutal death scenes driven by insanity. Perhaps worst of them is Satoko’s death by torture. One of the Sonozakis tied her up in a torture chamber, repeatedly stabbing her limbs while psychologically breaking her by reminding her of her missing brother. Satoko herself tried to brave the ordeal to prove that she can stay strong without him, but there’s only so much pain that a human being (especially a child) can endure.


©Studio Deen, 2006
That’s not the only case though. Rika’s suicide and Rena and Mion’s deaths by mauling are also just around as brutal. However, the sheer duration of Satoko’s ordeal and the presence of psychological torture has made it the most morbid death in the show.


“Final desu-tination” – Another

©P.A. Works, 2012
At the time of its release, Another was pretty famous for its horror and gorey deaths. Without question, the most infamous of these was Yukari Sakuragi’s Umbrella Death. That’s right, she died by umbrella. Yukari had been a victim of tragedy before her death. Her mother died from a car accident. She attributed her mother’s death to the ‘curse’. She had been spending too much time with Mei and Kouichi. When she saw them that day, she had run, fearing the curse and further tragedy. Carrying her umbrella, she had tripped at the top of a staircase. She fell face first and impaled her throat with the point of her umbrella. She drowned in her own blood as her jugular gushed out a massive amount of it. The horrific scene added more evidence of the “curse’s” existence.


“It’s a thought experiment!” – Hellsing Ultimate

©Madhouse, Satelight, Graphinica, 2006
Schrodinger is like his namesake. You never know whether he’s alive or dead. His “deaths” are quite a sight to behold though~ Have you ever seen something so cute that you just want to brutally and horrendously smoosh it? Well, everyone who ever shot Schrodinger in the face must have thought he was cute. The graphic nature of the Hellsing OVAs make headshots so bloody messy too! His final appearance is the most haunting one, however. In it, he cuts his own head off with a knife. Even the way he smiles during the deed was eerily creepy.


“REMember me” – Re:zero

©White Fox, 2016
Returning to life may prove to be a handy ability but it also means encountering death which in itself is more of a curse. Re:Zero has a number of harsh and bloody deaths, most of which is brought to you by: Yours truly, main protagonist, Subaru Natsuki. But what hit the fans of this series so hard is not the deaths Subaru experienced but the heartbreaking death scene of one of the adorable twin demon maids -Rem. Rem, who had only pure love and admiration for Subaru, experiencing a painful death via twisted limbs and body parts courtesy of the insane Betelguese, and the tear-jerking confession before her last breath left the fans raging justice for this best girl.

Honorable mentions:
more morbid deaths other than the anime above!
Date a live
Akame ga kill
Mr. Arashi’s Amazing Freak Show
Devilman Apocalyps
Violence Jack
Apocalypse Zero
Umineko no naku koro ni