AME goes to BOA 2017

Can’t help but crave for more things about anime? Online streaming and living the hikki life not enough for your otaku-ness? Well, worry not, there are always anime conventions around the corner to satisfy the inner otaku. And speaking of anime conventions, join UP AME as they go visit one of the most anticipated anime conventions here in the Philippines last September 10, 2017 at the SMX Convention Center, Manila -The Best of Anime.



Now on its 8th year, The Best of Anime or BOA, has become an oasis for anime and manga fans -showcasing an interesting list of activities, talents, cosplayers, anime merchandise and so much more. Of course, UP AME won’t pass the opportunity to check out what BOA had to offer this year.



The venue was the same as always -good old SMX. Although the event organizers did not reserve all the halls for this year, it seems that it was still able to accommodate the influx of people. While the tickets are not the usual large ticket collectibles or memorabilias in terms of appearance, free pepero is given per ticket. Like most cons, BOA fostered a festive otaku atmosphere and there are quite a variety of cosplayers and seems that the fandom of Boku no Hero Academia is a prominent one this year.

There were also a good variety of booths: artists/student org booths, merchandise exhibitors, food stalls and stalls that present japanese culture and games such as japanese lottery. The program was handled very well and the event organizers prepared fillers so there was no dead air during the convention. There were also usual activities and contests such as Battle of the Bands, karaoke contests and a special taekwondo exhibition. Of course, there were also the much anticipated performances by this year’s special guests like Reika, Yueugene Fay, Liu&Hana, STARMARIE and SPYAIR (if you availed for the Stage 2: Ongaku Fest). There are also fan meets for the die-hard fans.






All in all, BOA was able to deliver the fun and hype that is expected in an anime convention. It seems that we can all look forward to what they can come up for the next year. Good job!



Photos and correspondence by Charles Maquinto