AME Month Level 17: Filmshowing

Every November, the UP Anime Manga Enthusiasts hold a month long event to celebrate the organization’s anniversary. To kick things off this year, UP AME hosted a free film showing last November 9 at CAL 502 in UP Diliman.


In line with the series of events for AME’s 17th, with the theme “Level 17” AME featured a film-showing of anime with RPG as the main theme. The first movie in the line up was .hack//The Movie: Beyond the World, followed by the newest Sword Art Online movie in the franchise, SAO: Ordinal Scale. The movies feature the concept of isekai, where people are being transported into another or parallel world, in this case, their games. Although not a lot of people got to attend, the event was able to give a taste of Level 17.


Free film showings are a usual event that UP AME holds in order to showcase one of the goals of the organization, which is to share the nature of anime and manga to the community. UP AME has a lot lined up for the rest of the month, so continue to follow the events and programs in store!