Summer Manga Recommendation: Fairy Tail

Whether you’re a fan of Fairy Tail’s anime or manga, Hiro Mashima, the mangaka, has put all of us in the same boat last July, when he released the final chapter, and announced that the anime will be airing its last arc this 2018. You have suffered (if you follow just the manga)/ will be suffering (if you follow just the anime) / have suffered and will be suffering (if you follow both) the end of something you are probably already attached to that has run for 11 years.


from Hiro Mashima’s official twitter account


In the last episode that was aired, Natsu came back after a yearlong journey and found out from Lucy that Fairy Tail has disbanded shortly after he left. When Natsu saw Lucy’s research trying to keep tabs on the guild members, he gets her to go on another adventure in trying to find everyone else.


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There won’t be any spoilers here (for updated anime-only watchers), but the way the manga ended left room for a sequel. Hiro Mashima himself says that he doesn’t feel like he’s not completely finished with series. Will he really return to Fairy Tail after some years? Well, for now, he says there are still two last compiled book volumes that will be released and there are still different events that will be held. If he decides to go back, he already set it up in advance with that open ending. If not, that’s alright too. While waiting for any update of Fairy Tail, feel free to follow Hiro Mashima on twitter where he still shares his Fairy Tail art.


from Hiro Mashima’s official twitter account


If you haven’t read or watched Fairy Tail, it’s never too late to start. The number of chapters and episodes may be daunting, but if you like adventure and magic, you wouldn’t mind those numbers. You might be putting yourself in the same boat of feels the fans are in, but it’s going to be worth it.


Fairy Tail chapter 545