Summer Anime Recommendation: Ballroom e Youkoso

Looking for a different kind of sports anime? If so, Ballroom e Youkoso just might be right for you.

Animated by Production I.G., the production that brought forth the animation of Kuroko no Basket and Haikyuu!!!, Ballroom e Youkoso features a new branch of sports in the history of anime -competitive ballroom dancing. It certainly is refreshing to see that the sports anime genre is still expanding possibilities on incorporating interesting plotlines centering around athletes and their line of sport. […]

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Summer Anime Recommendation: Dragonball Super

It’s like Dragon Ball Z… but SUPER Dragon Ball Super has been airing since July of 2015. Since then, it’s put out over 100 episodes non-stop every season without any hint of slowing down! It follows the new adventures of one of the most popular shonen protagonists in our world today, Son Goku, and his […]

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