Summer Anime Recommendation: Boku no Hero Academia 2nd Season

I’m sure you’ve heard about this popular hero show where everyone has superpowers. Everyone, and I mean literally every single one person on Earth—okay, wait, maybe not really every single one. But, yeah, 80% of the human population possesses some kind of power or quirk, leaving the remaining 20% quirkless. If you’ve watched the first season (if not, then, SPOILER ALERT!)


You’ve seen this


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And this


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And you know about this


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BUT IT DOESN’T STOP THERE! Boku no Hero Academia (BNHA) has a SECOND SEASON! That’s right, it means you’ll see more of UA.


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You’ll see Todoroki use fire—and that is h-o-t.


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And you’ll get to know this guy. (SPOILER ALERT! He’s not dead.)


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You should definitely give the second season a chance because not only will you see more of Todoroki’s hotness (who doesn’t, right?)—I mean, literally, but you’ll also see each character’s background story, such as why Todoroki Shouto refuses to use his fire quirk.


There will be more characters introduced, such as Hitoshi Shinso and Mei Hatsume.


Though, the very highlight of the season is the UA Sports Festival. You’ll see more action: imagine Uraraka up against Bakugou and Deku VS Shouto.


You’ll get to know each character better than how they were introduced in the first season. Such as how Tokoyami’s quirk works, Uraraka’s reason to become a hero, Shouto’s past, and how Deku manages to use One for All.


And for those who are new to the series, you’ll be enjoying a new generation defining shounen manga that you’ll end up regretting missing.


If you’re still not convinced, you should chat with Shinso.