Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (The Wallflower)

T-13 (mild nudity and mild comical gore)
*Japanese names in this review are written surname-first*

The road to becoming a true lady is a very narrow path, at least that is how it is portrayed. Speech, movement and skincare are a few of the things that girls are taught to have a correct way and wrong way of doing. Then one rejected girl with a taste for horror and gore just decided, "If I do not have to care about it, then it does not matter." But as she lives in an mansion with four sparkly guys, her true beauty shows which could not be learnt from any etiquette class at all. The graphics of Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge may not be much to talk about and character development may be slow on the uptake, but the plot is very comedic and fun to watch and the music is not something you would feel like skipping over.

Due to the rejection of her love confession from the past, Nakahara Sunako resolved to be against physical beauty, hissing at the sigh of what she calls the "Creatures of Light" . That is until her aunt had arranged for her to live in the same mansion with four guys her aunt had taken in herself and requested them to make Sunako a true lady in exchange for free rent in the mansion. Kyohei, Takenaga, Yukinojo and Ranmaru agreed without realizing how hard the task in front of them was. Sunako's surprise introduction from a rose bush had led the boys to yell in fear on their first encounter.

Though the story says that all four of the boys are campus heartthrobs of the high school they - including Sunako - attend in, it is not exactly believable from how they are shown in the anime, though they may still look handsome to a viewer or two. The females that are paired with three of the boys - Noi, Tamao and Sunako herself - are actually more visually appealing when compared. Sunako and Kyohei are also most definitely the main pair of the bunch, and thus end up getting marginally more character growth than the other characters. Through their daily trifles with each other, they end up understanding each other more and end up caring deepy for their well-being.

But even if the characters develop slowly, the story is more than enough to keep you entertained. There is a delicate balance between comedy and macabre, as seen almost everytime with Sunako when she is in her room or sees anything that can be considered horror or gore material. You really have to admire the efforts of the guys in order to meet their goal of turning Sunako into a lady or to raise money for themselves. Sunako's rivals, the Goth Loli sisters, likewise give some comical relief and take away any seriousness from the scenes they show up in. There is also a segment somewhere within each episode where they give beauty and fitness tips for comedic purposes but may also be used in real life by both men and women alike. The characters are also well-voiced, such as with Kyohei's hot-blooded attitude and Sunako's creepy vibe and fear of sparkly creatures.

The opening scenes are not exactly what can be called child-friendly with the nudity and blood, but with closed eyes, the guitar strumming is definitely one unforgettable thing about the anime. The ending scene on the other hand has two great things about it. One is a rock song, and another is a dancing anatomical figure. Who can even resist the macabre humor of a dancing guy showing off his tendons?

Becoming a prim and proper princess is one way of blossoming that society has accepted and encouraged for many generations, but that is not the only way for one to become a lady. Sunako may dislike makeup, despise vanity, adore X-rated gore movies, and spend her time in her room talking with her anatomical figure friends, Hiroshi and Josephine, but she is also skilled in many other things. Sometimes, she is even cooler than any of the guys in the show. And what matters is that these four guys acknowledge that Sunako is great even without being a true lady, and sometimes one of them do even see her as one. It just shows that even if you may look pretty, it matters that you are able to uphold it with what you have inside. You know, like guts and organs and whatnot.
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